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Good reasons to go to Bermuda

The best reason to go to Bermuda is perhaps the laid-back culture under a sunny sky almost always. It also helps a lot of visitors it is only 6 hours from London and 2 hours from Florida in round figures. The golf courses, the diving, the cozy restaurants, and the affiliation with the UK and the US make you feel right at home.
Prices are reasonable, but you can also stay in perfect luxury. The brand “Bermuda” is rock solid.

FLATTS, BERMUDA -The colorful village of Flatts, in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, is built around the Harrington Sound lagoon and the Flatts inlet.

FLATTS, BERMUDA -The colorful village of Flatts, in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, is built around the Harrington Sound lagoon and the Flatts inlet.

Is Bermuda a country or part of the US?

It is neither but let’s start here:
Bermuda is a 21 square mile (56 kilometers) land area cluster of mostly interconnected small islands in the northwest Atlantic Ocean belonging to the UK. One of the nine smallest places in the world, it is located 650 miles due east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USAMany people are surprised to learn that it is not in the Caribbean, but 900 miles north of it.

Where to stay in Bermuda

The islands  has a wide variety of accommodations to suit any type of vacation. Choose from the following to get your Bermuda Trip started.

  • Apartments – for those looking  for a ‘home away from home’ vacation feel.
  • Cottages – Cottage Colonies are uniquely Bermudian and have a variety of amenities.
  • Flotels – Why stay on land when you can set sail and enjoy Bermuda by sea?
  • Guest Houses – Provide a level of comfort and charm uniquely their own.
  • Hotels – Spread through the island and offer convenient access to many of the islands top sights and attractions
  • Inns or Beds and Breakfasts – Scenic ocean views and centrally located properties with self service ammenities.
  • Resorts –  Stunning properties with all the amenities; from world class spa’s to fine dining.
  • Small Hotels -Small hotels are the backbone of the Bermuda hospitality industry, each one of them has their own personality.
  • Vacation Ownership – Owning a piece of Bermuda is a wise choice for the repeat visitors.
To be revised late 2020.

See the official tourist site

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