Trends in luxury travel world-wide

Trends in luxury travel are key to how the travel market opens up

The luxury travel segment is in full vigor, Corona or not. One could get a bit jealous or outraged or just read it as indicators of how the rest of the travel market is opening up. The results of Ultima Collection’s luxury travel report with trend forecasting agency Globetrender describe the expected trends at the forefront of the luxury travel industry in 2021. Here are the five perhaps most interesting travel trends for well-to-do private travelers. Trends expected to pick up from 2021.

Luxury travel. Safari Luxury buy out

Luxury travel. Safari Luxury buy out, as in “we now own this place and possibly some other vacation pearls

Safari Luxury buy-out, buy your own luxurious safari “cabin” and sell it when you are tired of it or rent it out at bedtime?
Private luxury resorts buy-outs, top hit in the luxury travel segment.

True luxury travel is to buy your own paradise vacation spot

Certainly not news among the ultra-affluent: Demand for private buyout properties has risen, with privacy being one of the most important factors in luxury travel. In line with this market demand, the majority of Ultima Collection’s 25 homes can be completely “bought out” for short or long periods. Both Ultima Megève and Ultima Corfu (see video below) are independent homes that can each accommodate up to 14 or 18 guests respectively.

The two cabins in Crans-Montana (see video) are often booked together during a reservation. Similarly, booking patterns have seen Courchevel’s. 13 cabins must be booked out in pairs by groups of friends or families who want to spend quality time together in a home-away-from-home environment.

Ultima luxury travel

Ultima luxury travel

Hyper personalization is key in luxury travel

The Ultima team places personalization at the forefront of the Ultima experience in the luxury travel segment. From the moment their guests share their interests and preferences, the goal is not just to get to know their preferences, but to anticipate their needs weeks before their arrival. Ultima recognizes what wealthy travelers need to make their vacation truly memorable and strives to build on existing guest relationships, ensuring that every single guest feels special.

Home-to-home holidays, part of luxury travel

Working from home under Corona has blurred the boundaries between personal and professional life. With this in mind, Ultima notes that UHNW individuals move semi-permanently to private residences, often for several months at a time, that can accommodate a work environment and provide the facilities required to continue daily life as normal. property has a fully equipped office, a practical distance learning room for children and all the facilities of a well-functioning home with or without the accompanying services of a chef and household Guests in the Ultima Collection can continue to work as usual with the added benefits of a serviced home and a refreshing change of landscape.


Ultra travel plans for luxury travel

2021’s top segment travelers are determined to make up for the lost time and are a budget year for luxury travelers with an uptick in demand for ‘once in a lifetime’ adventures. Ultima Collection is convinced to deliver an unsurpassed itinerary with experiences to Ultima’s dedicated team is able to make the seemingly impossible possible, and often at very short notice. Its guests with hourly stays are personalized and curated before their arrival.

Heli Skiing Helicopter, Mont Blanc ski resort, France, Europe.

Heli Skiing Helicopter, Mont Blanc ski resort, France, Europe.

Heli-Hopping is in, and 95% of the filthy rich flew private jets in 2020

What better way to get around the airport check-in than with 2021’s latest travel accessories; helicopter transfer. Luxaviation reported a significant increase in both helicopter ownership requests and long-term charter orders where the wealthy want to jump safely from airport to property to yacht. Each Ultima property has a helicopter pad nearby, while Ultima Megève has one on site. Similarly, Ultima reports that 95% of their guests flew private jets in 2020 and only expect this number to increase this year.

Twice as many private airports in Europe as commercial airports

“Those who can travel will continue to do so,” said Michala Chatel, managing partner at Ultima Collection. “Elite travelers tend to be more flexible. To begin with, those who have the means to fly privately can travel twice as easily as the tourists who take commercial airlines, as there is about twice the number of private airports in Europe. I still believe that residencies will be a big thing in 2021 – many people want to test the waters before embarking on the big trip – but from what I’ve seen, there’s a crazy appetite for travel.”

Jenny Southan, founder of Globetrender, said: “Throughout the pandemic, individuals with high net worth have been able to circumvent many of the travel constraints that the average person faces by chartering private planes and moving to smaller destinations, whether are in their own country or abroad. They can also travel more freely for business purposes, allowing them to cross borders when others cannot. ”

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