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Palau. “Tread lightly”. First Eco visa in the world

When you come to Palau, and to go there is a wise decision because here is wonderful and pristine, you get an Eco stamp in your passport that encourages you to look after nature, and it is written by the children of the islands! The gist of it is to tread lightly. The light footprints are the first words in your passport from the dream trip to Palau. That says a lot about the Pacific Island of Micronesia, but also about the growing understanding of tourist endangered places in Asia for the mass tourism (on this island 7x population ) destroys our beautiful nature, if you do not take care of places like Palau. There are so vulnerable.

Only 500 km from the Philippines

The group of islands is  500 km away in the Philippines, where Boracay is underway with an impressive clean-up endeavor,  that seems to be successful,  combined with fewer tourists who are better suited to this island. That is the future. Eco-tourism is for the benefit of everyone, and frankly there is no other choice.

They take it pretty seriously, and it seems to work. You can read more here about the Palau Pledge. It involves more than the Palau eco pledge, also that you watch a video close to the landing on one of the islands in Palau and you get a list of what you must and must not do in relation to nature and the environment. And there is even an “environmental police” that help you comply, but they are pretty friendly :)

Mandarin Fish over a hard coral, shot in Palau Micronesia

Mandarin Fish over a hard coral, shot in Micronesia

Located in the gigantic archipelago of Oceania, Palau is part of Micronesia, which consists of Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Northern Mariana Islands, and Palau.

The islands are located approx. 500 km east of the Philippines. See the map. To the south lies Indonesia and to east Micronesia. Overall, it is an island consisting of six archipelagos with more than 300 islands in the western part of the archipelago Caroline. Palau is a member of the UN.

Palau, closer to the Pacific than ever

Palau, closer to the Pacific than ever

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