Sierra Nevada – Europe’s southernmost ski resort

The Sierra Nevada offers a very different ski holiday near the Mediterranean.

With its privileged geographical location, the Sierra Nevada, this unique Spanish ski resort, offers sunny days even in the middle of winter. But not only that, because after a long day skiing in the big ski area, the possibilities for entertainment and activities continue almost unlimited. All ski enthusiasts, both beginners and experienced, can look forward to the Sierra Nevada. A single visit is enough to find out that the Sierra Nevada is among the best ski resorts in Europe. Would you like to ski down-hill in the morning, while you feel the sun’s rays in the face and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of a nature park? Then later in the day go swimming in the Mediterranean.  Take a trip to this winter sports resort, where you can look forward to these and many other exciting experiences.

Sierra Nevada ski FIS 2017

Sierra Nevada is located 3.000 meters above sea level

Located in southern Andalusia, at an altitude of 3.000 meters above sea level, Sierra Nevada is the southernmost ski resort in Europe. This particular geographical feature has given the area the best meteorological conditions for a perfect skiing holiday: much of the season is full of beautiful sunshine days.

Sierra Nevada ski area

Sierra Nevada ski area

If you belong to the more daring or experienced skiing category of skiers, we recommend the slopes of La Laguna and El Veleta. From here, on the open days, there is a fantastic view of the sea and the coast on both sides of the Mediterranean. An unparalleled view compared to any ski resort, which certainly is worth experiencing. You will be pleasantly surprised by the magnificent nature.  It is very different from the Alps. The ski resort is located in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, which is listed on the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves and national hunting reserves.

Ski slopes of Pradollano ski resort in Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain

Ski slopes of Pradollano ski resort in Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain

All perfectly integrated with modern and cozy facilities, which are both suitable for beginners (there are 400 ski instructors) and experienced skiers who would like to have fun with different and more intense challenges. For example, this applies to popular night skiing, which is a great way to experience the star-studded night sky. The great selection of Apreski activities helps to extend the fun after a perfect day in the snow. Cinemas, ice skating, sleigh rides, shops, discos, bars and cafes where you can meet with other sports enthusiasts are just some of the many options. There is no excuse for not attending the festivities taking place anywhere in this ski resort. There is a wealth of good reasons to visit the Sierra Nevada. Both large and small will find ways to make the most of the stay. Take the opportunity to visit Alhambra as it is only 32 kilometers to Granada on your holiday to the Sierra Nevada. And if you want a dip in the sea, this is also possible, as there are only a little over 100 kilometers to the coast. And more than 150 golf courses might tempt you too – you will hardly regret this completely different kind of skiing.


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