Ski vacation in Ischgl, Austria, one of the best ski-resorts

Ski vacation in Ischgl

Ski vacation in Ischgl is among the very best in Austria. Big perfectly kept ski area includes Samnaun in Schwitzerland, and legendary after skiing, often with top bands and artists. Read about Ischgl’s smuggling route, a legendary ski tour into Switzerland and back. There are many about the bid for that title, but the superlatives are in line when describing a ski holiday in Ischgl. After skiing is legendary, recognized at an international level. The restaurants are good and festive guests can look forward to musical entertainment with international stars every year. Skiing is a ski holiday in the Ischgl super league, because the area offers fantastic slopes both on and off the piste, and one of Ischgl’s most popular ski tours has just been named Alps best. Way to go Ischgl!

The famous smuggler´s route to Switzerland from Ischgl

Ischgl’s smuggling route is authentic and has provided a couple of mountain farmers or more in its time. Only a few kilometers from Ischgl is the duty-free Swiss town of Samnaun. The local residents’ knowledge of the terrain and the prospect of a quick profit have, therefore, through the ages, tempted many to supplement their income with smuggling. With the backpack full of agricultural and skins, the smugglers climbed over the mountains to Switzerland, and when the trip went back to Austria, the 40-50 kilos of a heavy backpack was stuffed with coffee, tobacco, and spices. Now you can run this route on skis, but please do not fill the backpack 🙂

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Gold Smuggler´s circuit in Ischgl

Do you think you’ve already mastered every ski circuit in the country? You consider yourself top-notch when it comes to skiing? Then the gold smuggler’s circuit with its plentiful black slopes and steep descents is just the right challenge for you. Start getting excited about one of the longest and most challenging ski circuits in the world.

In Ischgl, they have successfully picked up the smuggler theme and created three spectacular ski trips, all of which follow one of the old smuggling routes. The most demanding of these – the gold round – is literally cross-border, as the piste leads into Switzerland. The gold round offers a good 36 kilometers of skiing, 23 kilometers of lift and more than six kilometers of height difference, and the highlight is the view from the 2,864-meter high mountain, Palinkopf.
The combination of the beautiful terrain, the challenging skiing, and the exciting history has meant that the gold round has been voted the best Alpine skiing experience in the Alps. When the round, which is one of the longest in the world, has been completed and registered via the free Ischgl App, one participates in the daily draw of various smuggling prizes. An alternative to the gold round is the ten-kilometer shorter silver round, which offers just under 26 piste kilometers and 4,700 height meters. Both rounds are challenging and are only recommended for advanced skiers, while the bronze round is affordable for most. The bronze probe, which is 20 kilometers long and contains 3,200 meters of altitude, is primarily on a easy, blue piste.

Gold smugler´s circuit & download the  App’en via

Ischgl spring skiing

From hard one-man chair lifts in Ischgl to new limousine lifts to the top.

A ski holiday in Ischgl really starts when you are on the lift for the first time on the way up. There are many ways to get to the terrain in Ischgl, and in general you can meet everything in the Alps, from worn-out plate lifts to state-of-the-art high-speed lifts with seat heating. In this Ischgl, ski guests from this season can come to the top of the first class. The 20-year-old Palinkopf lift has been replaced by a new and state-of-the-art six-chair lift, which has cost nearly 100 million dollars to build. So it does not make your skiing holiday in Ischgl inferior, so you are more ready for the many hours of skiing every day. Ischgl’s investment in ski infrastructure is impressive, the new Palinkopf D1 lift offers all the comfort and safety you could want. First and foremost, the heated seats have become wider and ergonomically designed to provide comfort. Furthermore, both vibration and noise have been minimized, and the safety bar, which goes down in front of the seats, has also been improved. The D1 lift in Ischgl has a capacity of 2,800 people per hour, and the conditions for both boarding and disembarking have been improved, so the risk for lift queues has been reduced considerably. A special feature of the new lift is the remote-controlled avalanche protection, which should ensure a hassle-free ride if the snow falls down. Just back is enjoying the six-minute ride to the top of the nearly three-kilometer-high mountain, Palinkopf, from which the view is spectacular . From the top, a series of blue, red and black slopes lead back to the center of Ischgl, while a red and a black piste leads to neighboring Switzerland. Besides, Ischgl has not discarded the old Palinkopf track. After dismantling, it has been rebuilt in a Finnish ski resort.

Musical entertainment with German top music stars, among others.

Traditionally, the ski season in Ischgl is being launched with the legendary Top of the Mountain Opening Concert, which is held at an altitude of 2,300 meters on the open air scene at the Idalp. The opening concert is later followed by a spring concert and a closing concert when the ski area closes. A large number of international artists such as Rhianna, Pink, Elton John, and Kylie Minogue have previously been responsible for the entertainment at Ischgl’s après ski. The opening concert typically takes place in November, and always has the value star. In April there is a season end concert, typically with Schlager music, just as in 2018, the singer-songwriter Helene Fischer completed the season with the Top of the Mountain Closing Concert. Helene Fischer, who was born in Russia, is known for her spectacular performances with dance and light show. Outside the concerts, there is much else going on on your ski holiday in Ischgl over the season. New Year’s Eve offers a unique fireworks show, utilizing the acoustics of the mountains and shooting from five different ramps. Between 8 and 12 January 2018 as an example, international artists met at Shapes in White, which is a great ice sculpture festival, where the beautiful works remain until the heat sets in at the end of April. And in April, the best chefs from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland will meet for the unofficial star chef for a star chef.

Ischgl shapes in white

Ischgl shapes in white

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