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A leading tourist country in Europe

Spain is a huge destination in Europe soon for many years, from Barcelona over Madrid to Malaga and Mallorca. A great country in every way. Traveltalk will share travel knowledge, inspiration and offers with our readers on an ongoing basis.

Valderrama hole 3 of the famous Course

Valderrama hole 3 of the famous Course

Close to 82 million visitors a year to Spain

The statistics show the number of annual foreign visitors traveling to Spain from 2000 to 2019, broken down by overnight and same-day visitor types. Approximately 81.9 million overnight visitors traveled to Spain in 2017 plus an additional 39.85 million same-day visitors.

According to the World Economic Forum, this great country is the world’s best travel country on a number of parameters. A total of more than 46 million tourists from all over the world follow suit, so there must be something about the talk. The report gives the country absolute top marks when it comes to culture and heritage.

Amazing tourist attractions in Spain

Entertainment, restaurants, nightlife and attractions are also highly rated.
We could recall that the country is huge and varied: from Barcelona in the north to Gibraltar in the south. From the Costa del Sol in the absolute south of Spain, for example. see the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, one of the world’s most interesting ski resorts. It is also only a couple of hours drive away.

Spain Madrid
Spain is the great hospitable country of so many contrasts from steep mountains to pristine beaches. The food and wine, however, is always simply delicious.

See the official Visit Spain page with important links:

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